Expand your market share with e-commerce that showcases your brand and engages new customers.

As an extension of your brand, your e-commerce platform should deliver an experience that is consistent with your existing marketing strategy. In addition, your sophisticated customers demand a flexible shopping experience that is responsive to their needs.

Multi-platform. Multi-channel.

Current trends in e-commerce demand multi-platform and multi-channel capabilities. It is crucial to have a platform that adapts to mobile, tablet and other devices, reflecting the wide variety of technologies available. Multi-channel capabilities create a shopping experience that showcases your brand identity no matter how the transactions take place. Multi-platform and multi-channel agility lets you run your business from a physical store, online, in a call centre, B2B (business to business) or B2C (business to consumer).

Powerful back-end

Behind the scenes, a comprehensive e-commerce platform needs to be integrated with inventory, warehousing and payment management. Managing different currencies and taxation regimes for overseas markets is made easy when your web store is supported by a powerful back-end. You want synchronised product, pricing, order and shipment information so that all internal departments are communicating effectively. You want your customers to see accurate pricing and take advantage of regional promotions.

Secure in the cloud 

Your bottom line depends on having real-time visibility, speed and efficiency. Wherever you are, you need the most current business information at your fingertips. Wherever your customers are, they need the best information to make an informed buying decision. Cloud-based technologies deliver mobility and agility whilst maintaining secure storage of your data.


Expand your market with a flexible and unique online customer experience.

Power your webstore across multiple channels and adapt to multiple platforms effortlessly with our responsive web design.

Eintel will help you establish an e-commerce solution that achieves seamless integration with your preferred enterprise management system.


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